Stone Planters

Stone planters are a type of box that are used for planting trees and saplings. There is no doubt that flowers on your terrace or on your home yard increases the overall beauty of your house. Stone planters are inseparable tool for planting small trees or flower saplings. Model Renovations provides all kinds of stone planters that matches your requirement.

 We have a wide variety of round pots. Round pots are generally use for the plantation of herbs and small trees. Large round shaped pots are also used for bonsai plantation as it gives a wide scope and space for landscape development for a bonsai.

Planters with stands are generally used for decorative purposes. Sometimes it also stands as a large flower vase in the entrance of your house. They are used for event organization also. Standing planters of all stone materials are available – sandstone, marble and granites are famous.

Sandstone planters give your garden a different look. Sandstones are one of the 

greatest material for stone curving. Thus, sandstone planters are readily available with us. Different shapes of sandstone planters on your terrace enhances the beauty of the same.

White marble stone planters are generally used for giving your house a majestic look. White marble stone planters with a great finish in front of your house increases the stature and grandeur of the house. Also, marble stone planters are used for any special types of plants species that require certain care for growth. Expensive bonsai also looks great in a white marble stone planter.

Perhaps, nothing can beat the durability of granite stone planter. All sizes of granite planters are readily available. Natural finish granite cut is very attractive and Model Renovations provide them at a very affordable rate. Large granite planters along with small color coated lava rock gives a unique look for your bonsai cultivation.

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