Stone Paving

Stone paving is a process of laying stone with a certain technical skill that enhances the beauty of your outdoor flooring. Also, stone pavements are known for their durability. The maintenance cost of stone pavements is remarkably low for their lower rate of wear and tear. On one hand, as they give your custom house a modern look; in certain cases, stone pavements can give your property an ancient touch also.

Besides enhancing the beauty of your outdoor, stone pavements have certain functional property as well. It is resistant to weather events. Weather events like rain, hail storm, cyclone have little or no effect on the stone pavements. Due to this very withstanding quality of the stone, such materials are increasingly in demand for public as well as private projects.

Model Renovation has a wide variety of stone paving options in its catalogue. With a significant length of stone paving experience,we have gathered certain know-how about stone laying that is very unique.

We believe that each project is different from the other. Here is where our unique stone paving expertise come in to effect. With wide range of options in our hand, our clients never go unsatisfied.

When it comes to the material, we never compromise with the quality of the material. It is quite well known that stone is not manufactured; rather it is a natural resource. Yes, it is true that the crude stone is given a proper shape after the mining activity. But the core material remains very natural. Still, while procuring the material, we always check the quality of the same and select those which only meet our criteria. Generally, marbles, sand stones and granites are preferable for stone paving work. Though granite pavements are considered to be the most durable ones, nothing can match the luxurious outlook of a marble pavement. We also provide maintenance services for stone pavements at a very attractive cost.

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