Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a type of specialized wall structure to retain the soil or other types of loose materials like gravels or stone chips that are not able to stand or stay vertically by itself. It can be said that retaining walls are a type of supporting structure that helps to retain the loose materials. Technically, the aim of such types of construction is to resist the lateral pressure of the soil.

Though the construction of retaining walls is very crucial to prevent the soil erosions; now-a-days it is increasingly being used for other aesthetic purposes also, for example – gardening and landscaping. In one hand, the retaining walls prove to be an important tool for environmental protection by resisting soil erosion, especially, in hilly areas; while on the other, it enhances the aesthetics of your dream house by aiding the beautification of the same. There are various types of retaining walls. For example, gravity walls ensure the stability of the soil, while the gabion walls can be used as a fence. The most exciting factor about the retaining walls that they can increase the space of your custom house which can be further used to enhance the outdoor beauty.

Model Renovations offers a wide range of retailing wall construction from pile walls to green retaining walls. Our expert team offers the complete design and plan for your retaining wall. You also get the benefit of our expertise in the field in the form of expert consultations and advice. With hundreds of square feet of retaining wall installment, we have gained our expertise and confidence over a period of time. Model Renovations is also known for its time-tested construction of retaining walls. We provide the best engineering work for retaining walls in the area. The price quotation that we provide is also exciting and much affordable.

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