Conter Tops

Counter tops paly an important role in your kitchen. In case of customized kitchen, they become more crucial. Counter tops determines the overall looks and appearance of your kitchen. Thus, selection of the material for counter tops becomes important. You should never ignore the qualitative aspect of the counter tops – like -durability and longevity.

Model renovations offers one of the most affordable counter top remodeling service without compromising with the quality of the materials. The cost of our counter top remodeling service is also very attractive. For, most of the people granite top is the first priority. The reason is quite obvious. It is unmatched while it come to the durability of the material. Also, granite tops are quite heat resistant. But some customers tend to avoid granite top also because of its maintenance aspect. It need regular sealing and it is very tough to remove also. The price of the same falls in to the premium class category.

Quartz could be more attractive choice for a customer if he has some budget constraints. This type of material is very easy to maintain and they are strain resistant also. Various color options are available in this category. Marble and soapstone counter tops increases the beauty and appearance of your kitchen.

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